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Sleek and fitted! Our products are made with wrinkle-free, non-bleaching material that stretches in all the right places to give you the comfort and flexibility you need!

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Our Story

​​The CORE of our company, Clinic Shield, LLC, is the desire to produce the highest quality pair of scrubs for medical professionals. As an endodontist in Wayzata, MN, I have treated patients in a clinical setting for over 15 years wearing our traditional medical scrubs.  As any passionate healthcare provider will agree, in order to provide the best treatment to any patient, cost is usually the last consideration.  Whether choosing equipment, materials or instruments the best options often offer the best outcomes.  

In regard to medical attire, however, the opposite has been true.  Medical attire was generated as a cost saving plan based on a hospital setting. Scrubs have been and always will be the definition of a medical practice in any setting from the operating room to missions in remote places around the world.  The CORE of our company is our refusal the question to settle for medical attire that doesn't meet the demands of our professions.  Clinic Shield, LLC was developed to be the premium product that represents what we all strive for....our best.   As I ventured through the design and production of the scrubs I wanted to wear as a healthcare provider, I continually asked if this was the best we could do, and I refused to settle for anything less. 

Our commitment to quality, professional medical attire can be seen in every detail.

Inspired by athletic gear, our scrubs aim to change what is possible with medical attire.

We looked at where material needed to stretch and breathe to create a versatile fit.



​Ergonomic Fit 

​​Our mission is simple...

​Help your mission.  With the simple phrase of "do what you can, when you can", it is Clinic Shield's mission and purpose to support medical professionals around the world who have the same philosophy. 

Professional Medical Attire 


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Scrubs for medical, dental and research professionals


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Michael Tulkki, DDS, MS
Clinic Shield Founder & Medical Professional