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​​Although its a long story, its one worth describing to every healthcare professional because it is the CORE of our company, Clinic Shield, LLC.  As an endodontist in Wayzata, MN, I have treated patients in a clinical setting for over 15 years wearing our traditional medical scrubs.  As any passionate healthcare provider will agree, in order to provide the best treatment to any patient, cost is usually the last consideration.  Whether choosing equipment, materials or instruments the best options often offer the best outcomes.  

In regard to medical attire, the opposite has been our history.  Medical attire was generated as a cost saving plan based on a hospital setting.  Scrubs have been and always will be the definition of a medical practice in any setting from the operating room to missions in remote placed around the world.  The CORE of our company is the question, why as health care providers do we settle for medical attire that doesn't meet the demands of our professions?  Clinic Shield, LLC was developed to be the premium product that represents what we all strive for....our best.   As I ventured through the design and production of the scrub I wanted to wear as a healthcare provider, I continually asked the question "Is this the best we can do?". 

Our scrubs are made in the USA for one reason.....unsurpassed quality control.  Our line of scrubs have the most panels of any scrub on the market, to provide the best fit.  Our scrubs use the highest quality of fabrics that breathe and stretch to allow for movement where you need to work.  The quality of the fabric allows for longevity, resistance to bleaching and wrinkling that will prolong your investment in your attire far beyond what you have had in the past.    In the end, when you set out to create the best for the best, cost becomes a secondary factor.  We utilize small batch production that allows for changes in the design where improvements can be made.  We are a company started by a medical professional for all medical professionals, to design, produce, and sell the best product that can be made.

Clinic Shield, LLC
CEO Michael Tulkki, DDS, MS 

Scrubs for medical, dental and research professionals